Bigg Boss 12 day 68 Preview: Dipika Kakar gets offended by Deepak

Jasleen tells Surbhi ‘Doob maro sharam se’


Bigg Boss 12 day 68 preview: Last night we saw how Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana fought their lungs out for captaincy with Surbhi eventually being declared as the winner. It was a crazy task where Deepak and Surbhi had to make some sensational revelations from within the house as news breaks. It could have been a rather fun task had Deepak not ended up maligning Megha’s reputation who not only lashed out at him but also spat on him and threw a shoe at him. However, on the other side, Surbhi did something that nobody saw it coming. She made Sreesanth open up on his slapgate controversy with Harbhajan Singh for the first time ever on national television where he clarified that he didn’t slap him and that he and Harbhajan have buried the hatchet and consider each other like brothers today. Definitely one of the most headline- breaking episode of this season, if we may call it.

With so much drama created in the house already, the preview of tonight’s episode is no less. We get to see Jasleen Matharu accusing new captain Surbhi of misusing her power after she throws her in the Kalkothari. She rants saying, ‘Apne power ka galat fayda utha rahi ho tum. Doob maro yaar sharam se.’ Dipika Kakar too loses her calm at Surbhi and says, ‘aaj ke baad Surbhi Rana yeh nahi bole ki Dipika hamesha sach ka saath deti hai. It’s a disappointment’ making us wonder what did Surbhi say that Dipika had to make this statement. Surbhi becomes the new captain after an ugly fight between Megha and Deepak

However, the highlight of tonight’s episode is going to be Deepak and Dipika’s heated fight considering the preview shows a sneak peek of how Deepak back-bitches about Dipika saying she has asked Surbhi to be partial towards her leaving Dipika fuming..

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